The European Club Cricket Tournament - About the Tournament

The European Club Cricket Tournament

This tournament will introduce cricketers from throughout Europe to East Anglia, and give cricketers from Suffolk, men and women, the chance to compete against Europe's best cricket clubs. The tournament will, through competitive sport, encourage long lasting links with sporting communities throughout Europe, and develop sporting friendships between individuals. 

The purpose of the tournament is to stage a midweek cricket competition, with the very popular 20/20 format, between invited individual cricket clubs from European countries, in competition with a Host Cricket Xl and an England based Ladies Xl. The winner of this inaugural tournament will take home a European Clubs trophy. 

The cricket matches will be staged at the home grounds of Copdock and Old Ipswichian Cricket Club and Ipswich Cricket Club, three grounds in all.  In the event of large numbers of teams entering the competition, other local grounds are readily available. 

The competition will be open to bona fide amateur cricketers based in the European Community and immediate geographical area, one club from each country, with the exception of England where a maximum of three teams will compete. The standard of cricket will be at a level synonymous with the best of English amateur club cricket, as shown on the ECB pyramid of progression (ie a level below Minor Counties cricket). Except by special invitation of the management committee, professional cricketers are excluded. 

The Organising Committee will send out invitations to the Cricket Boards of individual countries to  apply to enter a club team in the tournament. (see schedule below) The organising committee will arrange for accommodation at local hotels or equivalents at competitive rates, all aspects of the matches including umpires, scorers, balls, food, etc. Insurance of participants against personal injury during the competition will be arranged. 

Transport to the tournament will not be organised, although transfers between the grounds will. The Organising Committee will not be responsible for individual insurances other than the above. The Organising Committee will not be responsible for  individual or group losses of personal effects during the competition. Individual cricketers will be responsible for booking their hotel accommodation (at a discounted rate arranged by the Committee).

The tournament may not go ahead if there are insufficient teams entered to make it viable, or in the event of major financial or political crises which impinge on the players' ability to travel. Financial stringencies in the UK may reflect on the quantity and quality of sponsorship available to defray some tournament costs.

Both organising clubs have been aware that the interest and individual commitment to their traditional cricket weeks has declined dramatically in the past few years. Income generation during the cricket weeks has declined appreciably. The instigation of a unique competition, either within the cricket week or as a stand alone event, will create opportunities for the clubs to heighten their local profiles in the community, introduce new sponsors to the sport, including the possibility of some European finance, and develop close links with cricketing communities across Europe. The clubs will provide a budget for marketing the tournament.

The schedule for the tournament will be finalised when the number of participating teams is more precisely known, but the intention is to hold the competition from the 6th to 8th August, 2013, following the 20/20 format. Depending on future negotiations, coloured clothing may be worn. The competition may be arranged on a league or round robin basis. The winner will receive a trophy to take home and the tournament trophy will remain with the organising clubs. It is hoped that the tournament will become a regular event.

At all times, the organising clubs will aim for the highest possible standards in their arrangement of the competition, and expect the participating clubs to conduct play within the spirit of  the game as well as within the Laws.

Please click here to view Tournament Brochure and here for Entry Form.